Machined Castings

Casting is the second largest raw material for the company. There is no pump or valve which can be produced without using a Casting. Fluoropolymer lined pumps and valves have special applications whereas unlined or bare pumps and valves are for general applications. With the aim of servicing customers better through uniform and superior products, DuFlon acquired an investment casting unit in Gujarat, India. Thus in 2010, the Machined Castings division was born. This backward integration strategy in a new vertical, combined with a focused approach of serving the Pump and Valve Industry, has enabled DuFlon to understand and address customers’ problems efficiently. Our state-of-the-art facility is highly automated with modern techniques, which optimizes Production Processes. With an annual capacity of 1000 Metric Tons, we have focused on producing superior quality castings in a wide range of Grades. This has helped us to build trust and confidence in our customers who are now working with us as Partners. Furthermore, with the implementation of Lost Wax Investment Casting, DuFlon has capabilities to produce complex parts near to shape. This has not only helped us to ensure On-Time Delivery to our customers, but also has had a positive impact on the environment. DuFlon is also laying the groundwork to implement Sand Casting as one of its competencies.