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Rubber Moulded Components


Typical components used in industry include:
• Custom Moulded Components
• Gaskets
• Seals
• Washers
• O-Rings
• Bellows
• Diaphragms (with or without fabric)
All components are manufactured to customer drawings.

Manufacturing Processes
• Injection Moulding
• Compression Moulding
• Transfer Moulding
• Rubber Compounding
• Finishing by hand or mechanically
• In-house tool making
• Rubber to PTFE Bonding
• Rubber to Metal Bonding

Sizes: From a few 'mm' upto 2metres

Quantities: Duflon is able to support customers with a few pieces for prototype projects up to large production quantities. Fast turnaround prototype facilities are available.

Typical Materials:
• EPDM • Butyl
• Nitrile (BUNA) • SBR
• Silicone • Polyurethane (PU)
• Viton (FPM) • HNBR
• Neoprene • Perfluoroelastomer (eg.Kalrezฎ,
• Natural Rubber Chemrazฎ, Simrizฎ).

All products are custom manufactured to customers specific requirements

Duflon manufacturers rubber moulded or extruded components for a variety of industries. These are all bespoke components
and Duflon is geared up to supplying from very small quantities up to quantities in millions.The secret to manufacturing a
good rubber component is in the tooling, and Duflon has a team of specialist elastomer engineers who have vast experience
in tool making. Rubber compounding facilities are available for manufacturing compounds to meet specific applications and
conditions. Whether you have a fast turnaround pilot requirement or mass production, Duflon is able to cater all scenarios

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