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Quality must be uncompromised. Quality is one of the major strengths of Duflon and we have great pride in demonstrating our quality.

We want our global customer base to feel assured that our products and services will meet their diverse quality requirements.

Through continual investment in quality, Duflon has achieved a ISO 9001 registration.

We continually improve our products, services and processes using our company-wide quality management system and Six Sigma methodology, and by implementing changes required to maintain registration to the ISO quality standard.

We welcome any customers to India to carry out their own thorough quality audits before any supplies commence.

Duflon promotes the following quality policies :

• Continually improve sevices - meet & exceed our customer expectations.
• Assist our customers to succeed with selling globally.
• Develop relationships with our suppliers and customers that emphasize continuously improvement in quality of products and services.
• Strive towards maximum customer satisfaction by adhering to quality standards.
• Strive to understand market dynamics of the region, customer needs and regularly improve our product and services to facilitate the growth.
• Develop technology and infrastructure continuously to be on par available technology in order to meet market and customer's expectations.
• Ensure customer complaints are attended and affected effectively. Get to root cause of the problem and prevent recurrence.
• Continually comply with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 and effectiveness of our Quality Management Systems(QMS).


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