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Mission Statement

The Company

To become a global "other equipment manufacturer of choice" by adopting a partnership concept with its customers and suppliers.

Utilizing India's intellectual and trade resources in offering superior quality products and localised service at low cost prices.

Working Objectives

It is our aim to keep to our word, deliver what we promise, with without excuses and achieve our goals with every effort and without compromise.

We will focus on continuous improvement programmes by manufacturing and marketing quality products and make all efforts to meet our customers requirements.

We will endeavour to be good citizens, develop our skills and maintain a culture which is based on trust, openness and mutual respect.

Our intention is to work as a team, which has an organisational structure and identity which will take us towards the vision of being one of the best companies in India.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work - Aristotle BC 384 - 322, Greek Philosopher.

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