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Lined Hose Adaptors


The PFA Encapsulated Hose fittings are suitable for use on both Smoothbore and Convoluted PTFE Hose also with Fluoropolymer lined Rubber hose (depending on the ferrules used).

The range of hose end fittings include:

Description: Size:
Flange Retainers 3/4 to 4
Male Camlock 3/4 to 4
Swivelling Female Camlock 1 to 4
Fixed Female Camlock 1 to 4
DIN 11851 Swivel Female 1 to 4
SMS Swivel Female 1 to 4
Triclamp 1 to 2

PFA Encapsulated Flange Adaptors and Joining Couplers are available in a variety of options including:

PN 10/16 flanges or ANSI 150 lb flanges to:
Camlock Male
DIN 11851 Male
SMS Male

The range of Joining Couplers include:

Camlock Male/Male
DIN 11851 Male/Male
SMS Male/Male

Manufacturing Processes
Injection Moulding
Transfer Moulding
CNC Machining
Conventional Machining and Milling
Investment & Sand Casting
All Fittings, Adaptors and Couplers are available in either Natural or Antistatic PFA.

Duflon lined hoses and hose connectors are manufacturered using a variety of melt processable fluoropolymers.

The range not only includes flexible hoses, but also hose fitting and adaptors.

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