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The Company

Duflon is proud to continually invest in its manufacturing facilities and all customers are invited to visit or carry out any quality audits.

As with any company targeting long term growth objectives, the facilities and the face of the production facilities are always changing to provide improvement and more efficient working practises.

Our facilities include:

•PTFE Isostatic moulding room
•Melt processable polymers moulding workshop (e.g. PFA, PVDF, UHMWPE etc)
•Investment Casting Foundry
•Tool Room
•Fluoropolymer blending facilities
•Class 10000 clean room for PTFE mould filling
•Fully Air-Conditioned, temperature controlled quality laboratories
•Multiple CNC and conventional machining work-shops (metal and fluoropolymers)
•Metal Fabrication Facilities
•Rubber Moulding Facilities
•Paste and RAM extrusion Facilities
•Paint Shop

Facts about Duflon:

•More that USD 8.80 million invested in current phase of development.
•110,000 sq feet (10,200 sq metres) of covered manufacturing facilities.
•250,000 sq feet (23,000 sq metres) of land acquired for future development.
•The only company in India to possess ISOSTATIC PTFE moulding technology and equipment.
•Recent established its own INVESTMENT Casting foundry in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
•Layout below demonstrates the different facilities of Duflon.

Layout below demonstrates the different facilities of Duflon.


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