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We take pleasure in highlighting the strengths of all Duflon employees. Every employee of Duflon is a member of the Duflon family and is treated as a family member.

The Duflon family is a 250 member plus team consisting of highly qualified engineers, technicians with a blend of the young and the experienced.

Every member of the family is firmly committed to meeting the global objectives and expansion programmes and we have no doubt that with current trend and commitment the broad vision will be turned into reality.

At Duflon, the employees are one of four stakeholders. They are treated as such along with the other three; customers, suppliers and shareholders.

Duflon offers a dynamic working environment, one that encourages free spirit and enterprise, doing wonders for employee morale.

Frequent training programmes are organised to equip employees with requisite skills and to enable them to perform at optimum levels.

All this contributes to a less than 1% attrition rate.

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