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Ball Valve Components


Components available—fully lined or unlined
• Main Body
• Side Piece
• Floating Ball
• Ball & Stem (Ball Shaft)
• Stem
• Other machined components and seals

Lining Material Options:
• PTFE, PFA, ETFE, UHMWPE, Modified PTFE, PP, PVDF or conductive options.

Material Filler Options:
• Ceramic, Carbon, Glass, Bronze, Carbon Graphite, MOS2, Alumina, Boron Nitride and others.

Body / Metallic Materials:
Most grades of carbon and stainless steels, ductile irons and other alloys to meet customer specifications in accordance to ASTM, DIN or BS standards.

Size Range:
Components for valve sizes from 1” to 12” (DN025 to DN300)
Manufacturing Processes:
• Isostatic, Injection, Compression and Transfer Moulding
• Blending
• CNC as well as Conventional Machining
• Sand & Investment Casting
• Powder Coating, Painting and Spraying
• Fluoropolymer Coating

Duflon manufactures a wide range of components for ball valves, including bodies, sidepieces, balls, stems, seats and other
moulded and machined components in a variety of materials such as fluoropolymers, polymers, elastomers and metals.

All products are custom manufactured to individual customer specifications.

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